Field Trip Procedures

ACR Field Trip Procedures:
Revised 4/18/22


Before Field Trip

*”On Track” students will be permitted to attend field trips with
parent/guardian permission. “On Track” will be determined by ACR team.

*Students attending field trips will not have any recent major incidents in
school or bus.

*A staff meeting will be held before the field trip to discuss procedures
and logistics.

*Staff attending field trip will be assigned no more than 3 students to
supervise during trip.

*Students will be evaluated the morning of field trip to determine if
he/she is able to safely attend. Principal and Behavior Specialist will
make final decision after consulting with the team.

*If applicable, students attending field trips will be fully medicated

During Field Trip

*All staff attending field trips will carry walkies and cell phones

*Students will be monitored at all times.

*The principal or lead teacher on field trip will be notified immediately
if there’s problems or assistance is needed. Principal or lead teacher will
determine next steps.

*Principal or trained teacher will administer medication during trip.